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Ideas Global is a growing international network for professional idea and innovation managers. Ideas Global and its partners and member organizations like Ideas America, Ideas UK, Ideas Arabia, Ideas Europe support you as an open minded innovator by offering network events, conferences, training, advice and consulting in an independant, neutral and cross-industry manner. Enjoy your stay at the Ideas Global website. You are welcome to join our movement!

Ideas management - contributing to UN global sustainability goals

Ideas Management as the key instrument to implement activities supporting Global Sustainability Goals. Katrin Redman, SAP.

Save the date: Workshop to co-create Ideas Global

Save the date: 3.12.2018!

You are an open minded, international ideas or innovation manager?
Join in to meet your peers and to further co-create Ideas Global as a professional network of ideas and innovation managers.
We will innovate new approaches to improve the impact of Ideas Global.
We meet for a next innovation workshop in Germany, Kempten, Greater Munich Area, close to Neuswanstein Castle.

Humanitarian Innovation

Soon a new research book will be available concerning humanitarian innovation.
The book is supervised by Prof. Dr. Katrin Stefan, University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Germany.
The book is edited by Ideas Global.